Solution: iPhone 8 and iPhone X Black Screen

  • Even though this problem isn’t common in iPhones, we cannot rule out the possibility that at some point, our iPhone 8 or iPhone X screen will turn black and we won’t be able to turn it back on, but... what can we do? Is there a solution for an iPhone 8 and iPhone X black screen? It’s no wonder we asked ourselves this question when it happened. However, this problem has a solution, just keep reading and you’ll find the answer.
  • When this occurs, we usually freak out and in the midst of our anguish, we run to the Apple Store to change or replace our mobile device. To avoid all this drama, we’ll tell you how to solve an iPhone 8 and iPhone X black screen in a very easy way.
iPhone Stuck on The Apple Logo

Step 1: Download & install

iOS Repair Tools mode makes it easy to repair iOS devices when your devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) get stuck in black screen, white screen and Apple logo or even in restarting loop.


Step 2: Preparations

Launch PhoneRescue on your computer, and Select "iOS Repair Tools" mode. After selecting "iOS Repair Tools" mode, please click button at the lower right corner of the interface to get ready for the repair.


Step 3: Analysis

Enter "Recovery" mode, and Download firmware package.


Step 4: Repair

Wait for the repairing process,Set up your "new" iOS device.



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