Solution: iPhone Stuck on The Apple Logo

  • Whether you’ve updated your iPhone to the latest version, or you tried to jailbreak your device, you may run into this problem: an iPhone blocked in the apple logo that doesn’t respond to the buttons. Does this have a solution? Of course it does. This state is called a semi-brick and I will tell you how to fix it easily and right now.
  • iPhone blocked in the Apple logo, does it have a solution? There are many reasons why your iPhone might be blocked in the apple logo after restarting or starting it back again after it ran out of battery. Most of these happen because of a common software flaw, which is rather easy to fix it.
  • As I'm sure you already know, iPhone batteries cannot be removed, which is a usual to-go option when users notice that their phones don’t respond. I want to clarify this last phrase for the most "handy" ones, and that's because you can remove the battery, but it requires a series of specialized tools and it isn’t easy to access.
iPhone Stuck on The Apple Logo

Step 1: Download & install

iOS Repair Tools mode makes it easy to repair iOS devices when your devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) get stuck in black screen, white screen and Apple logo or even in restarting loop.


Step 2: Preparations

Launch PhoneRescue on your computer, and Select "iOS Repair Tools" mode. After selecting "iOS Repair Tools" mode, please click button at the lower right corner of the interface to get ready for the repair.


Step 3: Analysis

Enter "Recovery" mode, and Download firmware package.


Step 4: Repair

Wait for the repairing process,Set up your "new" iOS device.



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