Add Album Cover Images on iTunes

Is your title missing the album cover? Yes, it is no problem to add it on iTunes!

Do you know how to retrieve the album cover? Now, many people would say that iTunes can do the job and find the right cover. Yes, this may work sometimes, but not all the time. Luckily there is a way to change the graph manually, but with hundreds of titles you would be wasting your time.

Download & install

TidyMyMusic on your computer.


How To Use

1. Add music to TidyMyMusic
It is very easy to add iTunes library to this program. After starting the program, all the music from iTunes is automatically added and displayed in the file storage.

tidy itunes

The music that is not managed by iTunes should be imported manually. Click on the "TidyMusic" icon in the left sidebar and drag the music file or music folder to the file storage.

add files

2. Find ID3 tag and album cover for music
Many of the added songs have incomplete information. So you can select a song and press the identification button to start the search for information such as the artist, lyrics and cover. When you select many songs, the identification button will change to selected identification.

identify music

Note: Identifying all the music with one click is also possible. Click the Scan button and the program will scan all the music and will find information for incomplete songs. You can also use this scan application when you want to find duplicate songs in your music library and delete the unwanted song.

When the information was found, you must integrate it into the songs. Select the song and click the Embed button. Remember that the cover is removed again when you transfer music to portable devices.

apply music information

3. Change the album art, when you want
If you are not satisfied with the information from the Internet, you can enhance it with your own words. Click the edit icon on the screen and add each word to each element.

edit-music information

When you want to play the music, you just need to make a double click on the thumbnail of the music file. Cannot wait to try it? Try it now and you will certainly have a well-organized music collection.