Clean Up Your iTunes Music Library with 1 Click

People who are here, might have enough of TuneUp, complaints that TuneUp is not working, that it’s collapsing, freezing, working very slowly, from time to time the word misnomer also reaches my ears. All these problems make you crazy. Moreover, it takes a lot more time compared to what it actually needs. Do not worry anymore. Here's a great alternative for TuneUp to cheer you up. Wondershare TidyMyMusic can help you identify and edit iD3 tags, to add album cover and lyrics and remove duplicates. It was made to clean up your music collection for a better music experience.

Cannot wait to try it out? Download it to your Mac and install it. Then we will look at the details of how to use it.

Download & install

TuneUp Alternative on your computer.


How To Use

1. Add songs to the TuneUp Alternative
When you open the program window, it will start to scan your iTunes library and collect all the music in TidyiTunes itself.

tidy itunes

If you have music stored in other local folders, you must go to TidyMusic Tab and click Open folder to import music manually. And perhaps it is faster when you drag the files or folders directly in the tab.

add files

2. Identify the ID3 tag, album art and lyrics
Click on a song and some information about it and also an identification number will appear in the right column. Press the button and this program will immediately begin to check the ID3 tag, album art and lyrics of the song.

identify music

Note: 1. you can select multiple songs and click the Identify button in the same position.
2. when you click the scan button on the top and hold both controls boxes, the program can search for unidentified songs and begin with the identification. It will also detect all duplicated songs. You might have to wait for a short time when your music library is very large.

After all the information was found, like the album art, lyrics, an application button will replace the identification button. Click on the button and then you will have a song with complete information.

apply music information

3. Edit music information
If you are not satisfied with the information from the Internet, you can enhance it with your own words. Click the edit icon on the screen and add each word to each element.

edit-music information

Of course, you can play it in the TuneUp alternative for Mac by double-clicking the song. To find the songs, make a right click on the song and select the Finder "Open". Do not waste any time and download it to try it out.