Find and Remove Duplicate Music Files

Duplicate music files take up space, destroying a perfect playlist and wasting your time if you try to delete them. If you load music on iTunes, there are cases where you have multiple music files and iTunes cannot recognize the difference. This is because iTunes sorts out files by file names and sizes and doesn’t include if you listen to the same music.

What if there was an easy way to get rid of this problem?

It is always disturbing to see duplicate music and video files in your media library. With media players such as iTunes, it is possible that you have a large amount of duplicate files. You cannot go through thousands of titles and delete them manually. It requires special tools to simplify this operation.

How to find and delete duplicate music files with Tidymusic?

If you want to delete files from your iTunes library, tools such as Tidymusic are useful. It is easy to use and minimizes the effort to eliminate duplicate media files. Tidymusic offers many features that allow you to manage music on various devices without the limitations of iTunes. Here you will learn how to find and delete duplicate tracks in your iTunes library.


Remove duplicated songs

How To Use

Step 1: Import your music library to the program. Import your music library to this program by clicking the button of Import iTunes Library or Import Local Files.

Step 2: Scan to identify songs and find duplicates. Click the Scan button and a pop-up window will tell you how many songs need fixing. Click the Fix Missing button to start retrieving information for every track. During the process, duplicates can also be spotted.

Step 3: Apply the information to the songs. After the scanning is over, Choose Apply All or Apply to embed the information to every song.

Step 4: Remove duplicated songs. Click Duplicate on the bottom and Press Remove in the prompted window after you have decided that you don't want the duplicates any more.