Recover Pictures Deleted from a Laptop

Can I recover pictures deleted from my laptop? Hi, I deleted a very important picture from my Dell laptop. I also deleted it from the Recycling Bin so I can't retrieve it form the Trash. It's my graduation picture. Anyways, can I still recover the picture? Thank you very much.

The possibility of recovering pictures deleted from your laptop depends on what happened after the photos were deleted. After your photo has been deleted, it is marked as inaccessible data on your laptop's hard drive. The space it's located in, is available for any new information on your hard drive to be saved on. This means that it's very important for you to not save any new data on your laptop's hard drive after losing your pictures. Then you'll be able to look for a photo recovery program to help you retrieve them.

Photo recovery offer you the easiest way to recover deleted pictures from your laptop. It is compatible with most laptop brands featuring Windows and Mac models, including Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo ThinkPad, Macbook, Macbook Pro, etc. You can download a trial version and try it for yourself. This trial version will scan your laptop looking for deleted files and will tell you exactly which photos can be recovered.

How to Recover Pictures from from Hard Drive?

Step 1: Download, install and start this Photo Recovery software. Select the media drive and click on the “Scan Now” button.

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Step 2: When the scanning process is over, you will see a list of recoverable files in the scanning result. Preview and select the photos you want to recover.

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Step 3: Finally click “Recover” and you will be able to retrieve deleted photos from your Sigma Camera.

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