Recover iPhone Deleted Data Due to Misoperation

  • Recovering erased photos (or other files) from an iPhone, iPad or iPod seems hard: they don’t have an SD card and do not show up as an external hard drive when connected to a computer.
  • Maybe someone advised you to jailbreak your phone or tablet and then installing a backup app. The truth is this isn’t necessary: you can use a iphone data recovery software that will retrieve your files without having to modify iOS.
Recover iPhone Deleted Data

Imagine the following scenario…

“1. We have accidentally erased our iOS device, one or several iMessages with corresponding attachments, and of course, right after the catastrophe we urgently need this information, as well as the attachments.

2. We remember that we have a backup previous to the erased mess (the deleted messages are there), but we don’t want to/can’t restore our device, because if we do then we will lose all the data included after making that backup.”

One of the most upsetting moments in a user’s life is when they lose their files, by error or accident. Although these misfortunes have always been associated with iPhones or iPads, smartphones and their huge storage capabilities are becoming increasingly susceptible to going through the same fate. But do not worry, there is the way to recover photos and videos lost on your iphone.

Step 1: Download & install

Download iphone data recovery software (Aiseesoft FoneLab) and install it on your computer. Then launch the software.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer

Connect iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer, Enter scan mode following the instruction. After scanning, all the files in your device will be shown and classified into categories.

enter scanning mode

Step 3: Choose the files and recover them

After a few minutes, you will see the files Aiseesoft FoneLab found. They are divided by categories: photos and videos, messages and attachments, contacts and calls, voice recordings, events, notes, etc.

Recovering files is as simple as checking the appropriate boxes and clicking the “Recover” button.

recover photo

Video Tutorial

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